About us

Factory in Brazil

METALPOX develops solutions to compose environments as libraries that provide productive and enjoyable experiences of knowledge access for the users, as well as guaranteeing their safety and also the bibliographic collection, through a range of differentials designed to improve the contact with the end user.

Our Fenix Line of steel shelving systems and accessories makes the library a unique and attractive space, and further:

  Provides an innovative and differentiated environment design for an original and versatile library.
  Ergonomically designed for a healthy user contact.
  Space optimization, facility and practicality for library physical layout changes, since the shelves are spare units.
  High quality and resistance, not only resulted from the raw material, but mainly by the components and its layout, developed by specialized designers.

We are a committed company, interested in continuous improvement and development of our products, we have a specialized team working on creating effective and innovative solutions, according to libraries needs.


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